Good to keep these things short and simple…


You may notice that there’s no “work” in that equation — In reality each element is work in some form or another, but they are the things that make up my life and I enjoy them all.
In my “professional life” I’ve been developing and designing original content, brand identities, interactive experiences, and creative solutions for major entertainment companies, unique start-ups, well known ad agencies, and even the Department of Defense for over 14 years.
I’ve worked with bootstrap start-ups where every penny counted and flush agencies where every flight was business class. I’ve worked on solo projects and managed groups of more than 20 people. I can develop concepts, write proposals, schedule projects, think strategically, and execute tactics with precision.
To sum it up… I’m a hands on creative and technical personal who loves the work, the process, and the joy of finding unique solutions for complex projects. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of my work.


Making Random Stuff

An Arduino, a breadboard, lots of wires, desoldering and soldering irons, a hazy recollection of C, and lots of tape — cellophane, electrical, duct, whatever…

Treat Machine Sketch

Recent random things include:
  • Interactive dog toys – Arduino driven
  • Touch screen kiosk building
  • Trade show booth design

iPhone Programming

Pan seared, oven finished, and now resting on the cutting board… Obviously I watch a little too much Food Network. Actually the first iPhone app is a math-based puzzle game titled “Total Bust” (har, har).

Buy Total Bust for your iPhone or iPod Touch now!


Nikon D80, 4GB SD card, and 35-70mm f2.8 lens (with macro mode). Unfortunately I spend more time taking photos than updating my Flickr account.


Portable drawing board, uni-ball deluxe fine black pens, a little bit of gouache, and LOTS of paper.


WordPress 3.x as a CMS with a dash of custom PHP and a good helping of home brewed JavaScript backed by Prototype JS and Scriptaculous finished off with a side of Google Analytics. Enjoy!

CMS Backend